Post interview thank you letter - Example 8

Examples of post residency interview thank you letter. Make sure you write it down on these THANK YOU CARDS and send it to the following: program director, chairman, program coordinator, faculty interviewed you and chief residents. You have to send them immediately after the interview as well as 1-2 weeks before the rank deadline.

Sample 8 (Neurology example)

Dear Dr. (Program director or coordinator, Chairman, Chief resident or other interviewers):

I would like to thank you again for your time and consideration of my application to your Neurology Residency program. I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to The University of Chicago and was impressed with the program on many levels. I believe that the Neurology program at the University of Chicago very closely matches my expectations for a residency, strong clinical training, exposure to neurosurgery and interventional neurology, and location in a large vibrant city. The University of Chicago will certainly rank highly on my list.
Thank you again for your time.

Your Name

NB: There are many other samples in this website, also please read the instructions on how to write the thank you letter and send it which we have in another post. You will also need to personalize the above letter and write it down on the THANK YOU CARDS . Contact us if you have any questions.