Are foreign medical graduates still accepted in US residencies?

There have been rumors going around the net about no more IMGs in the match in the near future. Even some morons wasted there time writing articles about the subject. There is a non-ending severe shortage of physicians in the US. Some may say that medical schools are enrolling and graduating more AMGs. This is right, but AMGs will never be able to take spots that traditionally go to IMGs especially in community hospitals with internal medicine, family medicine and even psychiatry residencies. Moreover, residency programs are also expanding and ECFMG NRMP statistics show yearly increase in the number of FMGs matching every year. Nationwide statistics show steady increase in the number of population and this will definitely necessitate increase in the number of hospitals and hence residency programs. The bottom line message is there will always be shortage for physicians in the US and if anything happen it will be only more and more increase in the number of international medical graduates matching in residency programs in the US.