What is the best Pathology book for USMLE Step 1?

IMGs usually fall in a dilemma when they come to choose from the wide variety of pathology books available for preparing for USMLE step 1. To make it easy for you to choose we will rank the top 3 sources which applicants use to score high. Don't bother buying any other sources unless otherwise specified.

Based on multiple assessments we did in the near past we concluded that these 3 books are the top in the market:

1- Goljan, Rapid Review Pathology

Don't ask why, but this guy seems attracting many of the applicants to his pathology book, it works like magic. You don't necessary need to get it if you already have one of the other 2 sources listed below but if you have extra time and like perfection, you might think of adding it or making it your primary source for pathology studying.

2- Kaplan Lecture Notes Pathology Book

This series of books is the most popular and most used among people. Not because it is superior to others but because it come in a complete set of other USMLE Step 1 books.

3- Board Review Pathology

A very decent USMLE Pathology study book, still being used by many students and ranked among the only top 3 in the pathology field.

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