A co-manage trip!

Five physicians went on a hunting trip: a hospitalist, an intensivist, a radiologist, a surgeon and a pathologist.

While walking their way in the bushes a bird came to their shooting range. The hospitalist was the first to aim his gun to the target but he suddenly retracted and decided he needs a second opinion to determine the type of the bird before he can shoot, as not all types of birds can be hunted in this season.

The intensivist was hesitant to take the consult but he eventually pointed his gun and with more caution he ran some formulas in his brain and deemed that the bird might be on the protected list hence he wanted some more investigations to be done so he can take a final decision so he forwarded the space to the radiologist.

The radiologist took his time scanning the bird in the air with his expert eyes before he shoots. It was a tough call for him. He mumbled: this can be an strophic ostrich or a hypertrophied duck, please correlate clinically.

Without hesitation, the surgeon aimed at the bird and gave his best shot. The bird was shortly lying between the pathologist hands who cooked the bird and after finished eating it he looked to the other 4 physicians and said: Specimen inadequate!

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