IMGs from Belize for USMLE and Residency

Belizean doctors take the USMLE and get ECFMG certified before applying to residency programs in the US. The institutions that typically match them into their various specialties can be found in these lists: IMG Friendly.

Physicians from Belize will do clinical rotations in the US as part of affiliation of their medical schools with these hospitals. However, those who don't succeed to match from first attempt due to lack of application strategy will have to go for the match again on the 2nd season. Till then, they will do observerships to make their profile more competitive. The list of hospitals which offer such experience to these graduates can be found here: Observerships.

Medical schools in Belize which usually send graduates to the US include the following: American Global University School of Medicine, Avicina Medical Academy, Central America Health Sciences University Belize Medical College, Efhre International University, Grace University School of Medicine (Belize), Hope University School of Medicine, InterAmerican Medical University, Medical University of the Americas (Belize), St. Luke's University School of Medicine, St. Matthew's University School of Medicine (Belize) and Washington University of Health and Sciences.