IMGs from Azerbaijan for USMLE and Residency

Azerbaijani doctors who take the USMLE and become ECFMG certified usually come from the following medical schools: Odlar Yurdu University Medical Faculty, Nakhchivan State University Faculty of Medicine, Khazar University School of Medicine, Dentistry and Public Health, Azerbaijan Medical University, and Azerbaijan International University (AIU) Faculty of Medicine.

Physicians from Azerbaijan before applying to the residency match will come to the US for clinical rotations usually 2-3 months so they get some experience to add it to their profile. This way they increase their competitiveness with other IMGs. The programs where they do their rotations are listed here: Observerships

Applying to residency will require them to select those programs that usually take IMGs and hence they select the programs where their peers interviewed and matched in the past. These programs are in multiple specialties as list in details in this site: IMG Friendly