Research versus observerships!

This is a dilemma to many applicants. Yes, especially those who are not familiar with what program directors of different specialties seek in an applicant. Actually it is not only the type of specialty you are seeking that determine your plans but also the type of program do matter which have same impact on your decisions. Feels confusing, right! Let me make it simpler for you. Community programs which are stud with IMGs will seek hard working folks rather than those chilling in research. They would pick up those with more clinical experience specifically externships and observerships. However those programs which are less IMG friendly which means more relaxed programs and usually these are the higher tier university programs they care to have candidates who can help them on with there research projects. Also tough specialties like neurosurgery and orthopedics would select those with research more than would an internal or family medicine program care.  So it's not really only whether research or observership that matter but also which specialty and where you are applying to matters too.