When should we upload the letters of recommendations.

Common questions asked about uploading Letters of recommendations like :
Who should upload the LORs?
When should the letters be uploaded?
Can we send the letters to ECFMG or ERAS and ask them to upload them?
How long it takes for the uploaded letters to appear in MyERAS system?
How to upload LORs.

LORs can be uploaded either by the writer himself (waived LOR- i.e the applicant don't see the letter) or by the applicant himself (non waived LOR). Either way, the applicant has to buy the ERAS token from his OASIS account June- July not before that otherwise he will be buying the previous season token which will expire shortly thereafter and hence the applicant will lose the money. After the applicant buy the token he will register with ERAS website (the link will be in your OASIS account). Then back to the OASIS the icon for uploading the documents will be ready there for uploading by the applicant however for uploading by the writers then go to ERAS and click on the documents-LOR section and follow the instructions there to print out the request which you will give it to your writer to upload your LOR. The writer will find a special link in the request and he will do his part. In the past ECFMG used to upload the letters for the applicants and writers but nowadays this is no more available. The uploaded letters will take about 2 weeks in average to appear in your ERAS system so make sure you upload them as early as possible to be ready for mid September application surge.

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