Old graduates in the residency match

Old graduates are like a Double-edged sword. Some are on demand by certain programs or specialties and others are less desired. On the either side old graduates can still manage to have successful match if they follow the appropriate strategy in their residency application.

Although each program and specialty may look differently to this issue however we will post here the  general guidelines that usually old graduates follow to hit the spot:

1- Choosing the specialty: definitely not radiology, those directors want only fresh grads with top scores. You need to fetch the specialty which will benefit from your experience like Internal medicine, family medicine or psychiatry. If you have good scores you might be able to get into anesthesia, neurology or pathology provided you have previous residency and current practice in this field.

  2- Top scoring is your key if you are an old graduate. Don't hesitate on taking a vacation for studying especially when it come to USMLE Step 1 "the application killer". If you score above 220 your mission is way easier. But don't give up if your scores are lower. Programs still need you and many old IMGs with low scores match every year.

  3- Enhancing your application with the appropriate USCE rotations. Try to do them in the States that have more IMGs so they get to know you better and invite you to interviews.

4- If you are an old graduate then definitely you have friends who are faculty members in residency programs in the US. Get these connections into work, they can definitely help you getting observerships and residency interviews.