Individual versus couple match

Which gives us better chances in the residency match, applying as a couple or individuals?

Couples match gives you way much better chances to match. Statistics show that more than 90% of those who apply as couples do match which is a very good percentage in this competitive process. In general, program directors prefer giving their spots to couples rather than individuals for some reasons:

1- Couple in the same program always means these two people will stay in their spots till the end of their residency because usually it is tough to find two open spots in same place if they want to move to another place for any reason like if they don't like their current program.

2- Couples can support each other and their performance in residency is usually better than their peers. If one have some family or private issues outside then the other part can cover and hence less headache for the chiefs.

3- Couples usually have good scores and profiles compared to their peers, so when both are high on the programs rank list this means the director will guarantee 2 people with high scores rather than getting those on the bottom of his list.

Moreover, on the applicants side, if one have relatively low scores then the partner's profile can help covering lot of things and increase his/ her chances. Once a couple get their first interview they are then more than half of their way to a successful match.