How to calculate and go around the year of graduation cut off requirement?

What is meant by year of graduation YOG cut off? Why some programs set a YOG gap cut offs? How to calculate the YOG to residency application gap? How to go over this gap?

The YOG cut offs is the number of years gap between the date of graduation printed in your medical diploma (and confirmed in your Dean's letter or MSPE) and the time of opening of the ERAS application on September 15th. The YOG cut off is usually set by some of high tier programs in the purpose of attracting fresh graduates and minimizing the hassle of going over thousands of applications as happen in most community programs. However, these cut offs are not rigid and not worked by on most of the times. Here are the things that you can stress in your personal statement and ERAS application to go over this requirement:

1- If you are doing or recently done with residency can make the program directors go over the YOG requirement.

2- If you are old graduate but clinically active especially if you are applying to the same domain again also helps a lot. Some programs may consider extensive USCE as clinically active.

3- Although connections don't help you in matching but definitely helps you to get interviews and from there it's your duty to prove yourself competent for the position you are applying to. Try to contact your friends in various residency programs and see how they can help you.